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Technology far enough advanced is indistinguishable from magic. Both magic and technology are fallible in our increasingly entropic world. The cost of magic has been devoting yourself to someone who already has the wisdom or by piecing together the individual pieces. These spells have been crafted to shield car windows from harm. Materials: beeswax, combination Tesla and Honda glass, sage, cloves, eucalyptus, mug wort, caraway seeds, and ritualization.
Charms 4 x 2.5 inches
Candles 3.5 x 2 x 2 inches


"Spicy" is a meditation on the pursuit of richness in its many forms, and the transformative power of embracing the mundane as magnificent. The gold leaf peppers invite us to reflect on the fiery intensity of the human experience and the cool collected face we put on the existence. The unsubtle gilding also alludes the aspiration for material riches, a pursuit that often overshadows connection and peace. The find richness in the appreciation of life's unique and unexpected gifts.

**Misogynist Mythology: Reclaiming the Forgotten Women of LegendAlthough enchantment and moral fortitude can be found in the tales of gods, heroes, and monsters there is a haziness in the narratives of mortal girls and women as they are painted as victims or villains in someone else's story. Each piece is an invitation to consider who is telling the story and why. The enduring power of storytelling and the ability introspect and change for the better reminds us that even within the darkest corners of myth a light of understanding if not justice can shine.Cassandra 41.5 x 41.5 x 1 inches
Medusa 37.5 x 31.75 x 2.5 inches
Persephone **

DICK IS ABUNDANT AND LOW VALUEWithin the macroeconomic framework, the abundance of "dick" refers both to the ease with which one can access a dick in addition to the mammoth loads of visual and auditory references to dick. The abundance of dick could be a consequence of a societal hierarchy that subjugated other genitalia and ways of being. This idea will be referred to as patriarchy and its unequal power dynamics, and cultural norms that reinforce male supremacy, authority and control.There are many dickpictions in media celebrating dicks on desks, walls, bus seats, and textbooks. There are magazines, podcasts, tictoc accounts, tv shows centering on dicks as well as an at times uncomfortable amount of dicks in regular conversation and on people. Adam Smith’s invisible hand would suggest this glut should decreases the organ's value.
The mechanics of the cheapness of dick should lie in its availability. Grinder a male seeking male dating app
Tulane study (No kids no condoms no abortions no vasectomies)
re biological production means that thers is not an inherant significant consequences to biological reproduction. More is better the record (). Women better quality sex men betterDick’s perceived value is inflated when it in in fact plebeian
These factors lower
. Conversely, advocating for either making "pussy" expensive or it being expensive could emerge from a perspective that aims to align the costs associated with potential outcomes, like unplanned pregnancies, as well as planned pregnancies.
Women are often assigned the primary role of child-rearing.
Life portal, the only way people come to be.
Patriarchal societies place a high value on female chastity and virginity and a high value in male permisquoty. Which clashes with patriarchal societies objectification of women or valuing women primarily for their physical appearance and sexual attractiveness.
perception of women as objects for male pleasure and the shame in the cost of women’s partisipatoon.
Patriarchy relies on valuing women’s submission to inflate the value of dick. By saying dick is valuable, ie having a partner, having frequent and possibly casual sex is valuable within a patriarchy but it does not reflect the value of a society that is currently reliant on women to exist at all. Pussy is expensive.
Women are better negotiators, leaders, and lovers. Please take this humble reminder.atriarchy refers to a social system in which men hold primary power and dominance, leading to the marginalization and subordination of women. In patriarchal societies, expectations around women and sex are often influenced by traditional gender roles, unequal power dynamics, and cultural norms that reinforce male authority and control. It's important to note that these expectations can vary across cultures and societies, but some common themes include:
Women's agency and autonomy in sexual matters can be restricted in patriarchal societies. Decisions about contraception, family planning, and sexual health may be controlled by men or societal norms.
Shame: In cases of sexual assault or harassment, women may be blamed for their own victimization or discouraged from reporting due to fears of social stigma. The onus may be placed on women to avoid situations that could lead to such incidents.
It's important to recognize that not all societies adhere strictly to these patriarchal norms, and there are ongoing efforts to challenge and change these expectations through feminist movements and advocacy for gender equality. However, the impact of patriarchal beliefs and practices can still be seen in various aspects of societies around the world.
This approach might involve introducing mechanisms that encourage individuals to assess the true value of sexual activities, considering the broader economic and social implications tied to reproduction. The idea is to balance the freely available nature of sexual interactions with the recognition of potential long-term responsibilities, thus reestablishing a more equitable value proposition.
patriarchy demands that
In the context of macroeconomic theory, the perception of "dick" being abundant and of lower value, while advocating for making "pussy" expensive again due to patriarchy, can be understood through a lens of power dynamics and historical social structures.
Patriarchy, as a system, has historically positioned men in positions of power and control over resources. This has contributed to the perceived abundance of male sexuality, as it aligns with traditional notions of dominance and conquest. Consequently, the lower perceived value of "dick" arises from the societal reinforcement of these norms, leading to a relatively less restricted and less valued sexual agency.
On the other hand, making "pussy" expensive within this framework might reflect an attempt to challenge the entrenched power dynamics of patriarchy. By attaching a higher value to female sexuality, the aim could be to disrupt the existing power imbalances and highlight the importance of consent, agency, and respect in sexual relationships. This approach seeks to counteract the historical tendency to commodify and control female bodies, emphasizing the need for equitable value recognition between genders in the realm of sexual interactions.
8.5 x 5.5 inches

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Jiddu Krishnamurti.
The juxtaposition of Psychology and Sculpture majors dominates my pieces at Lewis and Clark; ideas and discoveries from one realm take shape and form in the other. Freud believed the ever-present struggle caused by the unconscious clashing with societal restraints exerts the pressure that results in detrimental behavior. Forcing individuals into ever more tightly defined roles robs communities of the flexibility to stretch and modify to include the wide diversity of humanity. My work operates in the liminal space of utopian inclusiveness, turning viewer inquiry back upon itself, with hopes for changing the social environment.
"Placebo" or "Just as a cake recipe requires you to use flour, sugar, and baking powder in the right amounts, your brain needs a fine chemical balance to perform at it's best" Paxil (antidepressant) website and "In the majority of trials conducted by drug companies in recent decades, sugar pills have done as well as -- or better than -- antidepressants" 2002 summary of research, "Against Depression, a Sugar Pill Is Hard to Beat", Washington Post. Materials: flour, sugar, baking powder, sprinkles, bottles.
"Chandelier prescription" over the summer I thought about making a sunscreen pill. And I researched it and found that it was already underway. Then I had a moment, this was a common thought why was secreting sunscreen appealing. can we not put on lotion on?
"Performance Therapy" invites viewers to
Step 1 Record
a) Objectively crazy thoughts
b) thoughts that are subjective to the point that they appear crazy
c) things that people have told you are
The prevalent belief that pills can be a simple fix for anything and this is a completely bogus and incredibly profitable for Pharmicitical co
"Against Depression sugar pills have done as well as -- or better than -- antidepressants"
everyone knows someone who is medicated or is familiar with the concept of pills, they are expensive and purposely kept abstract and mysterious. A glamourized pathology. This personal connection can start viewers conversation at the show or later. Materials: 1 year prescription of paroxetine, metal rods, silver thread.
"Bone Couch" embodies another glamorous theory, attachment theory. What are the structures that hold us up or hold us back?

I am captivated by the many ways of being and am compelled to create multimedia works that include macro perspectives and the intimacy of personal experiences. I am constantly inspired by natural world, curated and chaotic spaces IRL and AFK, sweets, and a commitment to justice. In essence, my artistic journey is dedicated to the pursuit of creation and the joy of connecting playfully.

A patriarchy demands compromises form everyone living in it. I often wonder about the time and energy tradeoffs I and other ladyfolxs are pressured to take. Would our planet's climate be better, would we be kinder, would we find a greater, more painful hate to put our energy into dissociating from?Materials: makeup over 6 months old, decorative paper, boxes.
Madonna Whore 18.5 x 16 inches
Shades 8.5 x 8.5 inches
Love Every Hair 12 x 9 inches